Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Wall Street Journal Calls "Sam Francis: Five Decades" a "Rare Opportunity."

"This miniretrospective offers a rare opportunity to sample first-rate works drawn from the entire career of one of this country's most profound, brilliant and varied Abstract Expressionists. We begin with white. We will end with white. One independent, deeply introspective artist found within himself the colors and shapes to express the sufferings and joys of a peripatetic life in between, filled with painting and pain."

- David Littlejohn, writing in the Wall Street Journal, Sept. 18, 2013

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Monday, September 9, 2013

David Littlejohn's Amazon Review of the Sam Francis: Catalogue Raisonné

David Littlejohn, who writes about art for the Wall Street Journal, recently posted this five star review of the Sam Francis: Catalogue Raisonné of Canvas and Panel Paintings, 1946-1994 on

The wonder of Debra Burchett-Lere's Catalogue Raisonne of all known surviving 8,555 paintings (on canvas or panel) by Sam Francis is that you can examine each one in full color and full screen size by way of excellent CD images, which may then be enlarged for closer study. The details given for each painting are magnificently comprehensive. In addition, there are 116 color reproductions of Francis's more important paintings (and those of many other artists who influenced him) in William Agee's excellent 120-page bio-critical introduction, and a great many revealing photographs of Francis's life in Debra Burchett-Lere's 150-page "Time Line," the most thorough biography of the man and his legacy I have seen. The printed volume concludes with a 60 page of additional valuable information. There is also a second CD which includes copies of writings by Francis and his associates, as well as two fascinating short films showing Francis at work. $500 may seem a lot, but for you get a whole art gallery as well as two books in the library of information on America's most important abstract artist, and one of the world's greatest colorists. The single book and the two CDs are handsomely boxed in with strikes me as the best Catalogue Raisonne published so far. Clearly, a long labor of love by Ms. Burchett-Lereand the Sam Francis Foundation--who are now hard at work on a second Sam Francis CR, to include his more than 8000 works on paper.

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